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22nd May 2011

Here is the link for the Table you have to complete. E-mail or upload your tables by Tuesday.

12th April 2011

On Thursday, I want you to watch the video "The Digestive System" (2nd link on the Navegation Bar on the left) and do a listening comprehension. I am going to post the questions underneath the video and I shall also include a link to the questions in WORD format so you can open them in WORD and add your answers to it. PLEASE do NOT help each other - you can listen to the video as many times as you need - it's very short!

You need to finish learning about NUTRITION in time for your assessment next week!!

Spend just 5 MINUTES EACH EVENING going over and reading carefully one of the NUTRITION pages on the Navegation Bar on the left. I have deliberately repeated the most important information to help you LEARN EASILY and PAINLESSLY so you can REMEMBER & USE!!!!